"redefining musical boundaries" San Francisco Classical Voice 9/1/09

The Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble is an internationally recognized new music group that combines acoustic instruments, electronic hardware, composed material, and structured improvisation.

The Ensemble has played chamber concert series, new music series, galleries, and performance spaces nationwide including The Tank (NYC), AS220 (Providence RI), The Lilypad (Cambridge MA), Meridian Gallery (SF), Cafe Du Nord (SF), and Trinity Chamber Concerts (Berkeley).

The Ensemble has presented extensive programs of live music to film, including The Golem, Chant d'Amour, Current Events, How I Got to Long Beach, and Submerged Queer Spaces, which premiered at the African American Arts and Culture Complex for the 2010 National Queer Arts Festival and was underwritten by the San Francisco Foundation, Grants for the Arts, and the Hotel Tax Fund.

JCDE attracted global attention in 2010 with 20th anniversary concerts of Depeche Mode's Violator, performed entirely live, start-to-finish, with a complement of strings and brass.

The Long Beach Post describes Jack Dubowsky Ensemble III as "an experimental collection of tracks that are likely to take the listener to a rarely-visited psychedelic state of mind... the sometimes-structured, sometimes-abstract free-form instrumentals and electronic sounds transcend traditional musical boundaries and require an open mind and an appreciation for creative exploration."